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Month: April 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Darrell - komp-pid.diff -> kdelibs build fail (More info)

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2012 21:06:32 -0700 (PDT)
>   I started a new build of tde tonight from scratch. I
> grabbed the output of the build failure in tdelibs due to komp-pid.diff. (I know it is
> experimental -- I was experimenting :) It is another "error: cannot convert
> 'TQString' to 'const char*' in assignment" in tdelibs/tdecore/kapplication.cp:

The goal of the komp*.diff patches are to hide the xsession pid message when komp is not in use. Refer to bug reports 645, 880, 887. I have not toyed with them for a few weeks and have them disabled in my builds.

>   So far the build is progressing with all other
> patches:
>   patch -Np0 -i ${pkgname#*-}-XDG-KDE-TDE.diff
>   ## patch kde help dir
>   patch -Np0 -i ${pkgname#*-}-helpdir.diff

Regarding those two patches, today I finally got around to creating similar patches for every single module. The first patch is related to bug report 892 and the latter is related to bug report 660, which we discussed several days ago. I hope in the next day or three to push all of those patches. I will provide list memebers a warning before I do that.

>   ## patch KDE4-detect
>   patch -Np0 -i ${pkgname#*-}-KDE4-detect.diff

This patch is related to bug report 891.

>   ## patch kdetcompmgr
>   patch -Np0 -i ${pkgname#*-}-kdetcompmgr.diff

Related to bug report 645.

>   ## patch recentdocs
>   patch -Np0 -i ${pkgname#*-}-recentdocs.diff

Related to bug report 914.

>   ## patch kdirwatch
>   patch -Np0 -i ${pkgname#*-}-kdirwatch.diff
> I'll report back on the kdirwatch patch improvements once
> the build is done.

Related to bug report 756.

If only I knew C++ better. I get frustrated when I know what I want to do and can't get there because of noob C++ skills. All of these efforts would be completed by any person with C++ skills.