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Month: April 2012

Release plan for R13.1

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 03:35:55 +0200
Hi all.

At the meeting we discussed that would be a good release official update 
for 3.5.13 soon. In connection with the fact that 1 May it be just half a 
year since the release of 3.5.13, it occurred to me that it could be a 
nice term for the release official updates.

Therefore I would like to discuss with you:

Is this term too soon?
Can it be manageable?
Which patches to wait?

Already have poised:
+ patch to close #372
+ other patches from #675
+ workaround for #922
+ waiting for a patch for #258
+ considering revert patch for #394

I would like (but want to wait?)
+ fix SAK. Does anyone work on it? Or temporarily turn it off?
+ find a solution for #812
+ find a solution for #744, #615

Giving an update the new version number?
Apply here mentioned a few times R13.1 (or R13.1.0)?
They should be in this case, the patches in their own branch in GIT?
Change the version number in the names of all packages (some are otherwise 
Or just change the version number within kdelibs and file names leave them 
Or simply release already prepared packages without changing the version 

What do you think?
I look forward to your comments