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Month: April 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Release plan for R13.1

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 21:20:04 -0700 (PDT)
> At the meeting we discussed that would be a good release
> official update for 3.5.13 soon. In connection with the fact that 1 May it
> be just half a year since the release of 3.5.13, it occurred to me that it
> could be a nice term for the release official updates.
> Therefore I would like to discuss with you:
> __1__
> Is this term too soon?

This time is as good as any. There are a slew of build and usability issues to resolve before R14 comes close for consideration for release.

> Can it be manageable?


> Which patches to wait?

I uploaded a bunch of patches that fix HTML help page installations. Everything now installs in the same location. I'm unsure of a good strategy to back port them all.

I uploaded a slew of patches that fix numerous problems with kipi-plugins, digikam, and gwenview.

In that latter effort I discovered more inadvertent "TQ" conversions that likely cause occasional breakage.

> Already have poised:
> + patch to close #372

The patch seems to have resolved the problem here.

> + other patches from #675

Fixing the starttde script likely is an ongoing project. I would just backport every time there is an update.

> + workaround for #922

Every several days I look into this hoping I'll notice something different. Thus far no luck.

> + waiting for a patch for #258

Calvin said Friday.

> + considering revert patch for #394

I haven't been having any problems since reverting the patch. I'm running GIT, however, and not 3.5.13.

> I would like (but want to wait?)
> + fix SAK. Does anyone work on it? Or temporarily turn it off?

I haven't noticed anybody addressing the issues. SAK can be disabled two ways: through KControl, and with the build configuraton.

> + find a solution for #812

No experience or testing here.

> + find a solution for #744, #615

Recently in this list we discussed these svg failures. Would be nice if they could be resolved for your release. Some of the svgz background images were duplicated as png images and I pushed those all to GIT recently.

> __2__
> Giving an update the new version number?
> Apply here mentioned a few times R13.1 (or R13.1.0)?

Release as or 3.5.13a. Otherwise many users will get confused. The "R14" versioning system should be saved for when R14 is releases. Press releases will address why we changed the release version scheme.

I hope this helps!