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Month: April 2012

List of build issues

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 00:20:07 -0700 (PDT)
This is my list of build issues. This is not a comprehensive project list. For example, I have not yet had to tackle gcc 4.7 issues.

There is a pattern to these bugs. I suspect once one bug is resolved, then similar bugs follow.


948 rosegarden: FTBFS when liblo is not installed
946 kstreamripper FTBFS
920 avahi-tqt FTBFS
872 tdesdk FTBFS Against TQt3
871 tdeadmin FTBFS Against TQt3
817 tqca: No tqca package exists for the new tqt3
790 kdemultimedia: audiofile.h configure errors
788 Kdemultimedia: Kaudiocreator won't build unless configure finds the cdda headers
597 tdebindings will not build without numerous patches


942 k3b: Can't find the TQt version of the dbus-1.0 headers (install dbus-tqt to /usr)
913 Kerberos support does not exist with any cmake converted package 
873 gwenview will not build libmng support
598 tdenetwork will not build on Slackware with wifi support


945 kpilot FTBFS: Can't find tqt headers
943 kmplayer: Can't find the TQt version of the dbus-1.0 headers (install dbus-tqt to /usr)
877 tdeutils: X11/extensions/extutil.h: present but cannot be compiled
818 amarok: Several build options missing with the cmake conversion


950 rosegarden: Sym Links Incorrect
940 kile: Sym Links Incorrect
939 knights: Sym Links Incorrect
933 krusader: Sym Links Incorrect
932 tellico: Sym Links Incorrect
931 kmplayer: Sym Links Incorrect
930 kdiff3: Sym Links Incorrect
627 kspell Sym Link Incorrect
626 konversation Sym Links Incorrect
613 kipi-plugins Sym Links Incorrect
347 amarok Sym Links Incorrect


947 kbarcode: unknown icon type
937 kradio: unknown icon type
935 krename: unknown icon type
934 krusader: unknown icon type
807 tdeaddons: unknown icon type
806 kipi-plugins: unknown icon type
805 tdeutils: unknown icon type
804 gwenview: unknown icon type
719 koffice: unknown icon types