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Month: April 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] knemo - patch to change default backend from 'Nettools' to 'Sys'

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 12:24:23 -0700 (PDT)
> > Looks reasonable to me.  As an aside I am fairly certain that Ubuntu
> > patched sys to be the default backend some time ago, and we should
> > probably just remove the nettools backend code entirely.
> > 
> > Long term it would be interesting to hook knemo into the TDE hardware
> > library (which already monitors statistics via sysfs) to reduce code
> > duplication.

This type of patch is an example of what I mean by providing usability testing. Patches always look reasonable, but my experience is theory and reality often clash. :)

Patches always work for the person proposing the patch, myself included. Therefore "works for me" is not a usability test plan. :) Not to mention the often subtle differences between distros: works on Debian and fails on Slackware.. :)

Others should be involved to validate functionality remains or improves.

> What knemo does better than any other application of its size it (1) provides
> an excellent tooltip with all network stats (available with only a hover over
> the systray icon), and (2) provides an excellent network graph that is well laid
> out and fairly configurable.
>   We may also want to enable the Text -> Top Bar setting as well by default. It
> adds a nice "(interface)     in: out:  " readout at the top of the graph.
> eg:
> eth0:         in:  539
> K/s    out: 128 K/s
>   The knemo code looks like a text-book c++ class based
> app with readable constructors/destructors, class members, etc.. so the base
> of knemo is in good shape.

I never use knemo because of bug report 322, "knemo cannot distinguish between internet and intranet traffic."

I have a network here. I want to distinguish between intranet and internet traffic. My router does provide the internet numbers, so knemo then does not help me with respect to appreciating network traffic. There are many such tools and a simple vnstat/conky setup provides me local network information.

I don't know whether the DD-WRT router firmware can distinguish internet usage among all machines here. knemo would become more useful to me if the app could distinguish the difference. If I had only one machine here then there is no need for a distinction, of course. I'm sure many knemo users fit that description --- perhaps bug report (enhancement request) 322 is beyond the scope of the app.