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Month: April 2012

Tim: Collation of TSAK/TDM related issues

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 14:00:56 -0700 (PDT)
Collation of TSAK/TDM related issues (there are overlaps in descriptions but that does not mean the same exact problem):

Bug reports involved:

928, kdm starts too early
925, [kdesktop] SAK driven secure dialog is not available for use
906, SAK realization is mostly buggy for KDM
898, tsak process taking 90-100% of CPU
894, TDM: Log file is never purged
884, tdmctl: Cannot connect socket '/var/run/xdmctl/dmctl-:0/socket'
667, kdm spawns kwin as root, keeps running after login
625, KDM is hard-coded to use /tmp rather than $TMP or $TMPDIR

Direct TSAK issues:

* TSAK demands 90-100% CPU.

* High CPU consumption on wait SAK.

* TSAK/TDM performs no housekeeping to remove pipe/socket files:
  1) During a reboot/halt (when TDM terminates)
  2) X server restart (which TDM allows)
  3) When a user disables TSAK in KControl (tdmrc:UseSAK=false)

* Restarting X server or TSAK ignores the tdmrc:UseSAK=false, using the existing
  pipe/socket files instead and keeps running even when explicitly disabled in tdmrc.

* When building tdebase without TSAK support (-DBUILD_TSAK=OFF), and tdmrc:UseSAK=false,
  TDM starts with the dialog to press Ctrl-Alt-Del. That should not happen.

* Disabling TSAK in tdmrc (UseSAK=false) does not work.

* Exit from wait dialog by Ctrl+Alt+Del does not work.

* Some people cannot obtain access to the TDM login dialog when pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del.

* TSAK ownership of /tmp/tdesocket-global is assigned to the system's primary login account.
  Ownership of that directory is determined by the account UID listed in the tdmrc MinShowUID
  key and then that account number is grabbed from /etc/passwd.

* xsession message of "[kdesktop] SAK driven secure dialog is not available for use (retcode %d)"
  appears although TDM is not running when using startx.

Related to TDM and TSAK:

* When starting X from startx (TDM is not running) the message
  "tdmctl: Cannot connect socket '/var/run/xdmctl/dmctl-:0/socket'"
  appears. There should be no tdmctl/TSAK related messages when using startx.

* Both calls to tdmctl in tdmtsak use the format "tdmctl list" yet there is no
  "list" option in tdmctl --help. What is the "list" parameter supposed to do?

* TDM creates nominal profile directories in /tmp. All such directories use a numeric name string. TDM runs
  as non-user, but should not be creating any profile directories. Not needed and the profile directories
  are never purged. Never happened in KDE3.

TDM specific:

* TDM starts too early

* TDM log files never purged.

* TDM spawns twin as root, keeps running after login

I hope this helps. :)