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Month: April 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Re: Mac Like Switching Patch

From: Martin Gräßlin <mgraesslin@...>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 22:51:44 +0200
Am 16.04.2012 22:56, schrieb Calvin Morrison:
>> I have attached the patches to the bug tracker.
>> Calvin
> err lost the subject there, maybe this will make you guys look at it 
> :-)
guys, I'm pretty unhappy that you still continue to develop on the KWin 
fork. This is a functionality recently added to KWin and it is really 
disappointing to see that our all spare time is wasted by the duplicated 

Can't we try to at least work a little bit together? E.g. if you want 
to add some functionality to your fork to at *at least* check with us 
whether we have the functionality? And would it be asked too much if you 
*at least* try to upstream changes? The complete Alt+Tab functionality 
in modern KWin is decoupled from KWin core, you could just copy and 
paste the files and call it a day.

Still I want to point out that the best solution would be to join 
efforts and dropping the KWin fork in TDE. It would save so much work 
and KWin master can as of today be build without any further 
dependencies to kde-workspace, we will soon be able to compile KWin with 
a different name (already used by Kubuntu for KWin in Plasma Active) and 
after our feature freeze I will make it possible to create a custom KWin 
without compiling anything from kde-workspace. That sounds great, 
doesn't it?

So please let us work together and coordinate the work on the worlds 
best window manager :-)

Martin Gr��lin
Maintainer of the window manager you forked