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Month: April 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Re: Resolving the TWin/KWin Fork Issue

From: François ANDRIOT <francois.andriot@...>
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 09:57:36 +0200
Le 20/04/2012 20:56, Timothy Pearson a écrit :
> As I have stated before I have absolutely no problem with the general
> concept.  Calvin, have you tried switching your TDE session to use kwin?
> Does it work well?  Any problems to report or did all go well?
> I absolutely refuse to yank a critical part of TDE until I know its
> replacement works not just as well as the original, but better.
> Tim

Hello, from my user and packager point of view, we should not need to 
provide any kwin4 or kde4 or qt4 stuff in TDE binary packages.
We should use the existing kwin4 provided by various distributions, if any.

All distro do not have the bleeding edge QT4 or KDE4 version. For 
example, RHEL use QT 4.6 and KDE 4.3 .
In that case, is TDE supposed to provide QT 4.7 (or newer) and the 
latest kdelibs just to provide the latest kwin ? I don't think so.

At maximum, we should re-package the distro-provided kwin to disable 
these dependancies.
For example, I could rebuild RHEL6's kwin with disabled nepomuk etc ... 
and make a Trinity package with it, that would not require to add any 
other library to the system.

At the moment, for testing purposes, I'm using Fedora 16 with TDE 3.5.13 
and Kwin4 from KDE 4.8. It looks like it works well.
To achieve this, I just have to add "export KDEWM=/usr/bin/kwin" to my 
.bashrc .

Maybe we should start with this trivial solution: add condition in 
"starttde", like this:

if [ -x "${USER_KDEWM}" ]; then
   # Use the user-defined window manager, if set.
elif [ -x /usr/bin/kwin_trinity ]; then
   # Use the stripped-down KWIN4 version, if available
elif [ -x /usr/bin/kwin ]; then
   # Use the full KWIN4 version, if available
   # Fallback to TWIN if KWIN is not present.
export KDEWM

What TDE lacks currently, is a KWIN4 configuration panel. We should at 
least be able to change window decoration and behavior without using the 
complete KDE4 control panel.