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Month: April 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Re: Resolving the TWin/KWin Fork Issue

From: Nix <nix@...>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 00:10:36 +0100
On 21 Apr 2012, Martin Gr��lin spake thusly:

> On Saturday 21 April 2012 10:53:35 Werner Joss wrote:
>> On Saturday 21 April 2012 09:57:36 Fran�ois ANDRIOT wrote:
>> > At the moment, for testing purposes, I'm using Fedora 16 with TDE 3.5.13
>> > and Kwin4 from KDE 4.8. It looks like it works well.
>> > To achieve this, I just have to add "export KDEWM=/usr/bin/kwin" to my
>> > .bashrc .
>> out of curiosity, I just tried the same here on my debian squeeze/trinity
>> 3.5.13 install:
>> aptitude install kwin pulls in:
>> Die folgenden NEUEN Pakete werden zus�tzlich installiert:
>>   kde-window-manager{a} kdebase-runtime{a} kdelibs5-plugins{a} kwin
>> libkdecorations4{a} libkephal4{a} libkwineffects1a{a} libkworkspace4{a}
>>   libnepomuk4{a} libnepomukquery4a{a}
> Just for the record, 4.9 (current development) does not depend on libkephal, 
> does not depend on libkworkspace4 and that should also remove the dependency 
> to libnepomuk4 (though that could be a dependency of kdebase-runtime)

So... you suggest that Trinity switch to KWin4, even though in order to
avoid depending on big chunks of KDE4 this would require us to switch
from a stable window manager to the *trunk* of kwin 4 -- this in a
system for which stability is the entire reason for its continued
existence... and even though this would suddenly mean that we would
completely lose kcmshell integration (since kcms for kcontrol 4 are
hardly going to work in kcontrol 3). You suggested running 'kcmshell4
style' by hand, but I hope you were joking: we can't expect end users to
do that for no reason other than 'keeping Martin happy'.

This change would also foul up the look and feel, since Qt4 and Qt3
themes simply do not look that similar -- even what is allegedly the
same theme has disconcerting differences in appearance, and now those
differences would be reflected in the decorations of every single

This is not looking like a net benefit. Not at all.

 -- N., uses fvwm so has no dog in this race