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Month: April 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] KControl and configuring autostart

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 18:06:06 -0700 (PDT)
> > Ok --- I grabbed the sources. After I sanitize them for the TQt layer, how
> > do I merge them with a parent package? Or would we host the module in the
> > applications sources?
> Files would go in tdebase/kcontrol/autostart/  Copy a
> CMakeLists.txt file from any other folder in the tdebase/kcontrol/ directory
> into your new tdebase/kcontrol/autostart/ directory.  Then edit
> tdebase/kcontrol/autostart/CMakeLists.txt so that the source
> file names, .desktop file name, and library name are all correct for the
> new autostart module.  Finally, edit tdebase/kcontrol/CMakeLists.txt
> and add a new line "add_subdirectory( autostart )" where it makes sense.

Um, golly gee willikers, Mr. Wilson. I actually got the module to build!

For the moment I am building as a separate package that would get merged to the applications tree. I started to fiddle with merging directly into tdebase/kcontrol but then got unsure about what to strip from the original sources. Further, I wondered whether everybody would want this module, although we could add a -DWITH-AUTOSTART build option. Anyway, I figure we can merge to tdebase later, but for now we need to ensure the sources build and develop a usability test plan.

According to the original descriptions (, there does not seem to be much to this module. Just a graphical way to add or remove apps, which is a notch better than the previous methods KDE3 required.

I used the Ubuntu sources, which came with a large Ubuntu/Debian patch, which merged without error (after updating one line for TDE). I don't know whether that patch fixed any of the known bugs listed at Therefore the test plan includes testing those reported bugs.

The docbook file is merely a template.

Test plan:

* Installs correctly to TDE Components.

* If the user's Autostart directory is already populated, verify those items appear in the modules list.

* Can add new apps to the list.

* Those newly added apps actually start with the next new session.

* Previously populated apps still start with the next new session.

* Can remove apps from the list.

* Apps not removed still start with the next new session.

* Bug: When launching apart for kcontrol, clicking "Cancel" with a properties dialog open will generate a crash.

* Bug: When launching inside kcontrol, option "Reset" does not work.

* Bug: Clicking "Reset" with a properties dialog open inserts a duplicate entry into the list of the entry which has the properties open.

* What else?