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Month: April 2012

Latest tsak patch report (GIT hash 6cfb160)

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 19:40:38 -0700 (PDT)
I started TDM with useSAK=false, uinput not loaded:
  * No Ctrl-Alt-Delete dialog
  * Warning message in KControl to enable evdev/uinput
  * Check box ghosted/disabled

I logged out. Loaded uinput. Restarted with init 4.
  * No warning message in KControl

Enabling the check box (and Apply):
  * tsak and tsak.lock appeared in /tmp/tdesocket-global/

Without logging out, disabling TSAK in KControl:
  * tsak and tsak.lock disappeared

During this time I never closed the TDM module.

I re-enabled TSAK through KControl and logged out. Upon logging in:
  * KControl check box was not enabled
  * tdmrc showed useSAK=true
  * tsak and tsak.lock appeared in /tmp/tdesocket-global/

After toggling the check box and selecting Apply, with the check box enabled, I toggled from the KControl TDM module to another KControl module and then immediately returned to the TDM module. The check box was not enabled.

To actually disable tsak I have to toggle the check box: "enable" and "disable" and then useSAK=false and the tsak and tsak.lock files disappeared.

I logged out with TSAK enabled (despite no check box). From a terminal I successfully killed all three tsak processes. Upon toggling back to TDM (Alt-F7) there was no Ctrl-Alt-Delete dialog. I logged in without no resistance. The tsak and tsak.lock files existed in /tmp/tdesocket-global because I did not delete them. The three tsak processes returned. I logged out and was greeted with the Ctrl-Alt-Delete dialog.

I repeated the process, but this time deleted the tsak and tsak.lock files too. I again logged in without resistance. This time there were no tsak processes running after I logged in. Apparently then tsak restarts if the FIFO files exist but does not restart if the FIFO files are deleted. useSAK=true the whole time. Upon logging out I was greeted with the Ctrl-Alt-Delete dialog. Therefore TDM must be restarting tsak.

I repeated this process including deleting the two FIFO files. I again logged in with no resistance. Then from the TDE menu I selected "Switch User." I was greeted with the Ctrl-Alt-Delete dialog.

Seems then whenever useSAK=true AND TDM receives direct focus that tsak is checked or restarted. TDM does not restart tsak with indirect focus as I accomplished.

This latest patch looks great. Much better housekeeping and when tsak is disabled in KControl, the effect is immediate and the housekeeping is immediate. Nice. :)


 * Glitch: KControl is not displaying the check box as enabled despite useSAK=true. Probably a forgotten or misplaced readEntry?

 * Possible glitch: Seems TDM should restart tsak as soon as I logged in, despite my "malevolent" effort to disable tsak. However, as shown by the Switch User test, TDM immediately restarted tsak, and that probably is sufficient. Within the intent of how tsak should function (I don't know the specs), I'm unsure whether TDM should be polling the process list to immediately restart tsak when disabled as I circumvented. Seems to me that a user should not be able to do what I did. Even if I did not have a free console open, I could have accomplished the same with through SSH. Seems to me that as long as useSAK=true tsak should be a persistent little b-stard. :)

The desktop lockout bug remains (desktop icons and context menu disappear, can't logout), and the profile directories accrue like rabbits copulating, but this patch did not address those issues. :)