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Month: April 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] KControl and configuring autostart (success!)

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 20:26:03 -0700 (PDT)
> Um, golly gee willikers, Mr. Wilson. I actually got the
> module to build!
> For the moment I am building as a separate package that
> would get merged to the applications tree. I started to
> fiddle with merging directly into tdebase/kcontrol but then
> got unsure about what to strip from the original sources.
> Further, I wondered whether everybody would want this
> module, although we could add a -DWITH-AUTOSTART build
> option. Anyway, I figure we can merge to tdebase later, but
> for now we need to ensure the sources build and develop a
> usability test plan.
> According to the original descriptions (,
> there does not seem to be much to this module. Just a
> graphical way to add or remove apps, which is a notch better
> than the previous methods KDE3 required.
> I used the Ubuntu sources, which came with a large
> Ubuntu/Debian patch, which merged without error (after
> updating one line for TDE). I don't know whether that patch
> fixed any of the known bugs listed at
> Therefore the test plan includes testing those reported
> bugs.
> The docbook file is merely a template.

Test plan:

* Installs correctly to TDE Components. Check!

* If the user's Autostart directory is already populated, verify those items appear in the modules list. Check!

* Can add new apps to the list. Check!

* Those newly added apps actually start with the next new session. Check!

* Previously populated apps still start with the next new session. Check!

* Can remove apps from the list. Check!

* Apps not removed still start with the next new session. Check!

* Alleged Bug: When launching apart for kcontrol, clicking "Cancel" with a properties dialog open will generate a crash. Can't reproduce.

* Alleged Bug: When launching inside kcontrol, option "Reset" does not work. Button does work --- sort of: read the next item.

* Alleged Bug: Clicking "Reset" with a properties dialog open inserts a duplicate entry into the list of the entry which has the properties open. Reproduced. Checking the contents of the Autostart directory shows the items are not really duplicating. Toggling out of the Autostart manager module and returning immediately clears the list of duplicate entries. Not a blocker bug but not professional looking.

I could not replicate this bug:

I discovered a new bug: I monitored my Autostart and shutdown directories in Konqueror while testing the module. When adding or removing items they are added or removed immediately --- before selecting the Apply button. Probably not good.

Overall, we have a nice user-friendly addition with this module. As far as I can see, only two minor bugs.

Reading the discussion at, one person suggested a "Disable" option, which seems handy. Another possible enhancement is mentioned here: --- basically provide a portal to override anything in the global autostart locations.

Yet even as is, this module provides a handy way of adding and removing items to the Autostart, shutdown and env directories. Yes, shutdown too.

What next? Fixing the two bugs probably is beyond my noob C++ skills, although I'll take a gander. Does this new module sound like a good addition? If yes then do we want to keep this as a separate optional module or merge into tdebase/kcontrol or tdeadmin?