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Month: December 2010

Re: [trinity-devel] Returning some functionality removed from KDE

From: Ilya Chernykh <neptunia@...>
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2010 05:04:46 +0300
On Tuesday 07 December 2010 04:17:09 Tiago Marques wrote:

> Still, in KDE 3.5 you have the "classic" option which gives it some 3D
> look, although I admit it is not great and the select app button should not
> be slightly darker but:

This only makes fake 3D look: the app buttons look as buttons but they could 
not be pressed: when selected they are not pushed, so the button-like look
is delusive. This creates a dissonance: you push a button, and it does not 
push. I think in 3D "classical" mode it should be pushed just like in