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Month: April 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Re: Resolving the TWin/KWin Fork Issue

From: Werner Joss <werner@...>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012 10:15:36 +0200
On Saturday 28 April 2012 22:03:24 Martin Gr��lin wrote:
> > I don't complain.
> > I just state what is provided by current projects, and what is not.
> > and yes: I want integration.
> > but not at the cost of having to run mysql servers on my single user
> > desktop which proved more than once to be an unreliable beast and
> > whatnot. and I'm not alone with this experience.
> > mailinglists/forums are full of �posts from frustrated users who have
> > been bitten.
> Which has nothing to do with MySQL. Yeah I have heard that argument a
> thousand times and I have spoken face to face with the developers about it
> and have even used Akonadi to write my Master thesis, so I think I know a
> little bit about it.
> I'm not going to repeat everything what has been said about it, but I have
> so far not seen any *valid* complain about the usage of a database server
> for Akonadi. Nobody complains that Firefox includes a full blown database
> server. Nobody complains that Thunderbird includes a full blown database
> server. 

I do.
FF&TB are slow, ugly + bloated, so I won't use them (anymore).

> Nobody complains that Amarok uses an embedded MySQL. 

amarok-trinity uses libsqlite3, not mysql.

btw., from a users view, it doesn't make much difference if mysql or anything 
else is the culprit for the whole akonadi mess, which _has_ happened.
I remember well the days when I used kubuntu with akonadi based addressbook
(forced upon the users as usual as the next 'stable' version).
every day then, it was just a matter of good luck or so if akonadi wouldn't 
crash, leaving my addressbook unusable until having deleted all mysql data 
etc. etc. and then started over - until next crash...
then came the point where I decided to have my $HOME as a symlink to a 
directory on another physical partition.
this worked ok for kde3/trinity/icewm/e17... but not for kde4: immediate, 
unrecoverable akonadi crash.
just ridiculous.
at that point, I gave up on kde (which was my favourite desktop until then 
from the 1.4.x days).
since then, I'm using trinity, which has its own quirks, like outdated khtml 
rendering engine (for which is hope to have it replaced by webkit at some 
point in the future).
but I have _never_ had disfunctional address books/calendars nor 
lost/duplicated/corrupted emails with it.
plus, with only few essential files (std.vcf, std.ics..) in my dropbox account 
(and email on my imap server), I always have the most important data 
accessible wherever I am, regardless of OS/device available.

not to mention applications which are still only available in trinity 
(quanta+) or a fast, simple office suite (koffice 1.6.3) which does just what 
I need without beeing dead slow or even corrupt my data (which koffice 2.x 
has done more than once).

to sum it up: trinity _is_ a valid choice for me, I am very grateful that Tim 
and all others who put their time in it keep this running.

YOU ROCK, folks.

p.s.: all this does not mean I will not try kde4 again at some point in 
future, but surely not before 4.9.x