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Month: April 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Re: Resolving the TWin/KWin Fork Issue

From: Werner Joss <werner@...>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012 13:37:32 +0200
On Sunday 29 April 2012 13:10:14 Martin Gr��lin wrote:
> > FF&TB are slow, ugly + bloated, so I won't use them (anymore).
> out of curiosity: which browser are you using then? I am not aware of any
> browser which does not come with a database.

I use chromium, which does not depend on any database.

> > > Nobody complains that Amarok uses an embedded MySQL.
> >
> > amarok-trinity uses libsqlite3, not mysql.
> fair enough, you know what I had to do when using Amarok 1.4? I had to
> install MySQL because Amarok was unable to handle my music collection with
> sqlite.

no problems here (maybe my music collection is just not large enough :)

> > then came the point where I decided to have my $HOME as a symlink to a
> > directory on another physical partition.
> > this worked ok for kde3/trinity/icewm/e17... but not for kde4: immediate,
> > unrecoverable akonadi crash.
> > just ridiculous.
> If you move sockets around, you should know what you do. Given that it's a
> bad idea to use symlink if you could use a loop mount which would have
> worked.

ok, will try that, at some point.

> That's I'm sorry a user issue.
> > at that point, I gave up on kde (which was my favourite desktop until
> > then from the 1.4.x days).
> Please see: you complain about a PIM suit which has nothing to do with the
> "desktop". You could just have continued to use the KDE desktop with other
> software for PIM.

sure, and in fact, this is what most linux users I know personally, did: 
switch to TB or something else, or even abandon kde as a whole, as I did.

> instead of quanta+ you can use kdevelop with php support.

this is not (yet) available for debian, AFAIK.

> > or a fast, simple office suite (koffice 1.6.3) which does just
> > what I need without beeing dead slow or even corrupt my data (which
> > koffice 2.x has done more than once).
> You might have missed the news: there is no Koffice 2.x any more. The
> community forked and there is now Calligra which I have heard works fine.

I'm aware of this, didn't try so far, however, after the horrible koffice 2.x 

> But feel free to continue using KOffice 1.x which to my knowledge does not
> even support ODF.

it does.
not to all recent specs, but enough for my use cases.
I can read my files with OO/LO or even MSoffice w.o. problems.