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Month: April 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] /etc/

From: Nix <nix@...>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012 16:04:28 +0100
On 29 Apr 2012, Darrell Anderson said:

> If I understand correctly, any library directory outside of the standard /lib and /usr/lib locations need to be identified in /etc/ Is this correct?
> During my Trinity build and packaging process, I have been inserting /opt/trinity/lib into /etc/
> Do I need to add /opt/trinity/lib/trinity too or are subdirectories of /opt/trinity/lib automatically found by ldconfig?

No, you need to add any directory outside the 'standard system set'
(normally /usr/local/lib, /usr/lib, /lib, and any /lib32 / /lib64
variants your distro may use). Subdirectories are not autoamtically
searched to satisfy DT_NEEDED entries. However, the lib/trinity/
subdirectory is not loaded via DT_NEEDED entries but via explicit
dlopen(), which does no path searching at all because the path needed is
explicitly specified in the dlopen() call.

(And you need to run /sbin/ldconfig.)

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