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Month: April 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Re: Resolving the TWin/KWin Fork Issue

From: Julius Schwartzenberg <julius.schwartzenberg@...>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 00:24:11 +0200
Martin Gr��lin wrote:
> On Saturday 28 April 2012 23:56:01 Julius Schwartzenberg wrote:
>> Martin Gr��lin wrote:
>>> But honestly I doubt that Ubuntu would include any Trinity specific
>>> version of KWin given that there are no other packages for Trinity
>>> available.
>> Yes, that's true. But wouldn't you agree that this package would be
>> suitable for more than just Trinity? :) There are more window-managers
>> packaged that are not related to a specific DE. I would treat this
>> version of kwin4 as such as well.
> That's true, but those window managers can be used standalone (e.g. openbox) 
> while that is not the case with KWin. Given the mission statement KWin is not 
> meant to be used as a standalone window manager but together with a Desktop 
> Shell.

I would say there are more. Like Sawfish and Metacity which were
originally used as part of Gnome, but are now also on their own.

> The idea is that each Desktop Shell which uses KWin has to provide it's own 
> KWin as currently done by the KDE Plasma Desktop/Netbook workspaces and KDE 
> Plasma Active.

Yes, then it would indeed seem to make sense to ship it with Trinity
maybe. Let's see. In the end, the goal is to also get Trinity itself
into distributions.

>> ../kde-workspace
> You don't need to have -DKWIN_PLASMA_ACTIVE=OFF - that's the default.
> My recommendation would be to keep OpenGL enabled (disabling OpenGL means you 
> use OpenGL ES which is not supported by all hardware) and also XRender 
> enabled. Turning off Nepomuk btw has no influence on KWin, it's a leftover 
> from my Jenkins when I built complete workspace instead of just KWin.
>> Are my KDE libraries too old?
> no you found a combination which does not build (disabling XRender). I have 
> not yet set up my Jenkins to build all combinations. This will be done when we 
> are in feature freeze and I have time for such things :-)

Alright, thank you very much! I managed to compile it now. I used these

I suppose I could even leave out the first two, as I guess they are on
by default as well.
Other than activities (which doesn't seem like a large difference to me
for a fully separate build) are there other things I could disable? I
guess the webpage you linked to doesn't let all the new options from the
GIT version yet? Maybe there is also a list in the source tree?

>> One small thing. Right now it is necessary to check out the complete
>> kde-workspace to compile kwin. It would seem easier if kwin would be
>> separate from the rest of kde-workspace. Or does kwin depend on most of
>> kde-workspace anyhow?
> It only depends indirectly. The default window decoration Oxygen requires 
> another lib from kde-workspace (can be disabled by build option to turn off 
> decorations) and two D-Bus interfaces are generated at compilation.
> Unfortunately it is non-trivial to split out kwin from kde-workspace as it's 
> one git repository and the code moved around in the past quite often.

Yep, I expected it. I guess it's also a limitation of GIT. It makes more
sense to hope GIT will one day support it rather then going through the
all effort to split kwin out now I think.