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Month: April 2012

Re: Re: [trinity-devel] Re: Resolving the TWin/KWin Fork Issue

From: Martin Gräßlin <mgraesslin@...>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 17:50:25 +0200
On Monday 30 April 2012 00:24:11 Julius Schwartzenberg wrote:
> Alright, thank you very much! I managed to compile it now. I used these
> options:
> I suppose I could even leave out the first two, as I guess they are on
> by default as well.
> Other than activities (which doesn't seem like a large difference to me
> for a fully separate build) are there other things I could disable? I
> guess the webpage you linked to doesn't let all the new options from the
> GIT version yet? Maybe there is also a list in the source tree?
The web page lists everything currently supported to be disabled in the git 
tree. But soon there will come more things, like how to define a different 
name and after feature freeze I will create a branch for standalone building 
which will add a few more build options.