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Month: May 2012

R14 idea

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 10:09:30 -0700 (PDT)
Just an idea, nothing more:

Trinity Community,

Those of us involved with developing and supporting the Trinity Desktop Environment want the next release to be the best yet. With that goal we ask you to help us by participating in some simple polls.

1. Which bugs listed in the bug tracker are your favorites as paper cut candidates? A paper cut candidate is bug which in and of itself is insignificant and might be trivial to fix, but when combined with similar bugs creates an overall impression of an unfinished, buggy piece of software.

2. Which bugs listed in the bug tracker are your Most Hated Bugs? This is the type of bug that hampers productivity, causes data corruption or loss, or is something that doesn't work as expected or intended.

3. Which enhancement requests in the bug tracker do you want to see in the next Trinity release?

We will strive to resolve the top 20 vote getters in each of the first two lists and the top five vote getters for the third list.

No priorities are needed. Just provide us your list. Limit the first two lists to 20 items per list per person and the third list to five items per person.

Note: Only bug reports and enhancement requests listed in the bug tracker are eligible for these polls.

Note: Build issues are not candidates because we expect and intend to resolve those issues one way or another before the next release.

Bug tracker:

At the bottom of the page the bug tracker contains links for commonly used search criteria. To list all reports filed, use the ALL search criteria. Any list can be sorted by selecting the appropriate column heading link.

Thank you for helping and thank you for supporting and using Trinity!


Post this or a similar request to all mail lists asking community members to vote.

I believe we have work remaining before we can consider a soft freeze for R14 preparations. These three polls would help us considerably with that preparation. Not to mention providing a good way for community involvement. Get users involved in a nominal way. The resulting corresponding resolutions show users they that have a voice and matter to us. The bug tracker provides a priority mechanism, but these polls help us refine those priorities.

We all are itching for the next official release. Tentatively that release is scheduled for May, this month. Let's ignore hard deadlines and do this right. A serious effort now to make R14 as bug free as practical means fewer bugs for the next cycle. Not to mention more time for us all just to use and enjoy Trinity. For many of us summer is around the corner and all of us look forward to a more leisurely pace. If we truly polish the next release then we all can do just that. :-)

Again, just an idea.