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Month: February 2011

kio_stftp crap

From: Ozan Çağlayan <ozan@...>
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2011 00:19:52 +0200

In KDE3, kio_sftp is a kioslave with interacts with the ssh process. 
This is ported to libssh in KDE4.

This was apparently working correctly until something low-level is 
upgraded on distros (glibc, kernel, etc) as now it fails while 
interacting with SSH because of some problem related to TTY stuff. (I've 
debugged for 2-3 hours, come to very weird and interesting points but 
still no fix) The bad thing that it isn't even using KProcess, it 
implements its own process class.

If you write for example a python wrapper like:

import subprocess
import sys
cmd = ["/usr/bin/ssh.orig"]

and save the original ssh binary as ssh.orig and put this wrapper as 
/usr/bin/ssh, it magically works!

Do you have any idea about the issue? There's a bug report on KDE too 
which is closed as fixed when the slave was ported to libssh in KDE4.

None of the codes are modified in Trinity SVN since 3.5.10 import.

This kio seems to reserve to be trashed, holy crap.

Pardus Linux