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Month: November 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Trinity News Update October 2012

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2012 12:21:55 +0100
On Sunday 04 of November 2012 00:39:21 Darrell Anderson wrote:
> ======================================
> *** Trinity News ***
> ======================================
> .
> .
> Patches in the development branch are being tracked in bug report 1262 for
> back porting to an eventual release.

For information, the current status of patches applied for follows. 
Patches are mainly dealing with building. Binary packages containing these 
patches are in my PPA currently only for Ubuntu Quantal.

Proposals for inclusion of other patches for are welcome.


  * commit c5e51f86
    Fix FTBFS
  * commit 96d3a525
    Fix FTBFS on Quantal and Wheezy

  * commit d9227e46
    Fix build system for ruby >= 1.9
  * commit 44273426
    Fix format not a string literal security error in rb_raise
  * commit 095f615a
    Fix FTBFS on x86 systems
  * commit 8d45a64d
    Add build support for xine 1.2.
  * commit 2f8924b0
    Fix typo.
  * commit 4c24fca1
    Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
  * commit 35d73abd
    Remove unnecessary language.
  * commit cf33cddc
    Fix inadvertent tq changes.
  * commit 9cff029f
    Fix inadvertent tq changes.
  * commit af8d937e
    Add conditionnal inotify support
  * commit 9241945d
    Fix FTBFS due to system scriptmanager.h
  * commit c8804353
    Fix build on Ruby 1.9.x without pkgconfig file

  * commit 18ecd512
    Fix FTBFS on png >= 0.15

  * commit 222c53bf
    Add support for xine 1.2 libraries

  * commit dd1b9be2
    Fix locolor icons conflict with tdeartwork on Debian and Ubuntu

  * commit 1f79e531
    Fix invalid [$e] in displayconfig.desktop
  * commit 4120a763, partially resolves #811
    Fix classic mode screensavers

  * commit efdff81c
    Allow build to proceed even if is not present
  * commit de49c748
    Detect presence of Ruby pkg-config file and
    adjust directory search accordingly
  * commit c1faffb8
    Use cflags from ruby pc file
  * commit 46659f99
    Set HAVE_RUBY_1_9 if ruby 1.9.x installed
  * commit ef7a6086
    Fix FTBS on ruby 1.9.x
    Thanks to Darrell Anderson for the majority of the patch!
  * commit 14594d81
    Fix FTBFS on ruby 1.8.x
  * commit 2f6e9c73
    Fall back to ruby-1.9 pkgconfig file if needed
  * commit 10fc891a
    Fix Ruby detection when .pc file is ruby-1.9
  * commit a901a123
    Fix FTBFS on x86 systems
  * commit 2712dc64
    Fix build on Ruby 1.9.1 and 1.9.2
    Thanks to Darrell Anderson for the patch!
  * commit 115acc39
    Fix build on Ruby 1.9.x without pkgconfig file
  * commit 4d7f4e86
    Fix dcopc headers location
    Thanks to Francois Andriot for the patch

  * commit 7a275239, partially resolves #600
    to be consistent with patch in GIT hash
  * commit 03e93296
    Use poppler pkg-config information when running version checks
  * commit 7ae3a9e8
    Fix poppler-tqt include and library dir in pkgconfig file
  * commit d3128ab2
    Fix missed headers installation

  * commit 2771be62, partially resolves #811
    Fix KRootBacking failure when no window is displayed
  * commit bf94fa1c
    Update kate syntax highlighting files.
    The cpp.xml now contains some TQ highlighting.

  * commit 56474575
    Fix XDG music menu
  * commit 1973b023
    Fix linking xine_artsplugin with pthread

  * commit caedf832
    [TDEMacros.cmake] added tde_save_and_set() macro
  * commit f1cea7f8
    Install mng icons as well as png and svg icons
  * commit 5df439b2
    Remove nuisance unsermake warning with automake
  * commit 60a2cf42
    Remove if_ppp errors with automake
  * commit 4a8e66dd
    Added test of the presence libgadu with automake
  * commit f425336e
    Fix unwanted rename icon with automake
  * commit 93dc8723
    Fix various cmake build issues
  * commit 354555a2
    Added OpenSLP support to CMake
  * commit 10026753
    Added XMMS support to CMake.
  * commit 3144ada2
    Add missing file from previous commit 10026753.

  * commit b99d4323, partially resolves #600
    Installing header files to ${INCLUDE_INSTALL_DIR}/tde
    added another subdirectory layer that caused build failures
    in certain apps such as kipi-plugins.

  * commit caedf832
    [TDEMacros.cmake] added tde_save_and_set() macro
  * commit c5dcdad6
    Fix inadvertent rename of kcachegrind in cmake build
  * commit c20f47db
    Find for 'flex' or 'lex' to build kbabel

  * commit e9c83ca1
    Fix deprecation build warnings by removing xine version
    preprocessor checks. The "old" functions have been deprecated
    since at least xine 1.0 from 2004.
  * commit 5f337504
    Fix deprecation build warnings. The "preferred" function has
    been available since at least xine 1.1.1 from 2005-11-15.
  * commit 824f886d
    Fix support for xine 1.2 libraries

  * commit cc278836
    Attempt to make kross compile with Ruby 1.9.x
  * commit 1e3ae086
    Fix FTBFS
  * commit b0b8e4ed
    Add missing file
  * commit e1592357
    Fix building with Ruby 1.9.1 or 1.9.3.
  * commit fc0c74f6
    Fix build on Ruby 1.9.x without pkgconfig file
  * commit 3207e9dd
    Fix inadvertent tq changes.
  * commit a02b9b38
    Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
  * commit 8117add6
    Remove unnecessary language.
  * commit 10364dc8
    Remove unnecessary language.
  * commit f65902c0
    Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
  * commit 482480ca
    Fix inadvertent tq changes.
  * commit b5520771
    Fix inadvertent tq changes.
  * commit 5d27227c, resolves #1236
    Fix koffice FTBFS on 64-bit.
  * commit e566a4be
    Fix Ruby 1.9.x shared library test without pkgconfig file

  * commit 3fc5e3c3
    Fix build without gpsim

  * commit 5f918c68
    Fix arts detection due to missing -lmcop

  * commit cfc258b0
    Fix doc installation directory

  * commit 6221fac2
    Fix libgcc library detection
    Fix QT directories detection

  * commit c3a0fc05
    Fix '' installation directory
  * commit 45328775
    Fix mandrake distribution detection

  * commit 5b92ab8c
    Fix FTBFS due to missing link to fontconfig
  * commit a486fb84, resolves 1076
    Fix FTBFS in 64-bit.

  * commit c3b6defe
    Fix FTBFS

  * commit 592d3b63
    Fix 'format not a string literal' error
  * commit 04171359
    Fix FTBFS due to missing LIBXML_LIBS
  * commit dcb9e1ca
    Fix FTBFS due to missing link to kresources