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Month: November 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] New LDAP/Kerberos components added to the TDE repository!

From: Francois Andriot <francois.andriot@...>
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2012 20:31:44 +0100
Le 08/11/2012 20:01, Timothy Pearson a écrit :
> That's interesting; it compiled just fine on the Debian/Ubuntu build
> system, so I don't think any files are missing.
> Did you regenerate the Autotools files (make -f admin/Makefile.common)
> before running configure?
> Tim

Yes I did, but since I'm building on, I'm using the 
corresponding 'admin' folder version.
Aren't ".moc" files supposed to be generated from ".ui" files ? Because 
I see only one ".ui" file in the src folder, whereas 3 ".moc" files are 
expected  ...
Are these LDAP-related tools supposed to build on, or are they 
for R14 only ?