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Month: January 2013


From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2013 19:47:34 -0600

I am now officially back from my holiday vacation away from TDE.

I would like to get R14.0.0 squared away and out the door in the next few
months if possible; thoughts on the current status of the nightly builds
are welcome.  I know quite a few bugs remain, however many critical bugs
have been repaired and I don't want to hold those fixes (which cannot be
ported to the 3.5.13.x series) back much longer.

How does a tentative release date of April 15, 2013 sound?  This means
that the remaining blocker bugs need to be resolved by February 2013 in
order to get the R14 release candidate into the hands of our QA team with
sufficient time for them to find and resolve quality problems before
release.  A tentative final source release date would be March 15; this
would allow 2 weeks for the binary build maintainers to update their
packages before release, and a week or two for the mirrors to sync with
the new packages.

For me the biggest blocker bug remaining is the XDG icon naming issue
(, as this causes a
very bad (inconsistent) user experience with most non-TDE software
packages.  I will be working hard to resolve that issue; if each developer
here could find a large blocker bug and work on fixing it over the next
few weeks that would be great!