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Month: March 2013

starttde patch in commit 0ab8ac0a

From: "Darrell Anderson" <darrella@...>
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2013 09:54:55 -0600
In commit 0ab8ac0a I pushed a nominal change to the starttde 
script. The change is intended to force run the r14-xdg-update 
script even if the kdeglobals key has already been set from a 
previous run of the r14-xdg-update script. Hopefully this helps 
users avoid the turmoil I experienced.

I presume only GIT users are affected. Any 3.5.13.x users will not 
have yet run the r14-xdg-update script because they have not 
updated anything.

There might be more rc file changes that need to be added to the 
r14-xdg-update script. I browsed the respective renaming etherpad, 
but I don't use every single app or feature and there is no way for 
me to know all possible changes. The only way is to watch for 
anomalies and unexpected behavior.