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Month: April 2013

Re: [trinity-devel] TDE Status Report

From: Baron <baron@...>
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2013 12:06:04 +0100
Hi Tim & All,

On Saturday 06 April 2013 03:59:48 Timothy Pearson wrote:
> Hi all,
> After discussions with the core development team, I have realised
> that I owe everybody a long overdue update regarding Trinity.
> I apologise for the relatively long term silence on these mailing
> lists. Like most people, I have to work in order to keep the lights
> on and the servers humming, and these commitments have taken time
> away from TDE.  In particular over the past several months I have not
> had any spare time to dedicate to TDE, which is why most development
> (other than Slavek's tireless patching) had appeared to grind to a
> halt.
> The good news is that the work which had been taking most of my time
> is now easing up.  I am currently diving into the bugtracker and am
> currently focused on getting R14.0.0 stabilized and ready to ship.
> Thanks to several other dedicated individuals involved in the Trinity
> project, progress has continued while I was away.  R14.0.0 is looking
> good overall, and the R14.0.0 road map and long term TDE road maps
> have been updated on the Etherpad to more accurately reflect our
> goals.
> Despite my absence I am encouraged that TDE will continue to move
> forward.
> After some discussions with the core developers of TDE, I have begun
> to realise that the project's top priority from now on needs to be
> resolving bug reports. Other work will continue, including
> enhancements and feature requests, but bug quashing will need to
> remain a top priority to ensure TDE's survival and success.
> Secondly, Trinity has much in common with other "secondary" desktop
> environments.  We never will have the developer power or userbase of
> KDE, GNOME, or Unity, but like our cousin "secondary" desktops, TDE
> has a vtal role to play in the free/libre software world.  We should
> strive for excellence within our particular software design model,
> and not worry so much about what the Big Three desktops are doing at
> any given instant.
> My motivation for using and developing Trinity is to create a desktop
> that functions the way I think it should function. How people believe
> a desktop should function varies widely and this is why so many
> exist, along with many window managers.  The Trinity philosophy does
> not embrace certain popular elements now available in other desktops,
> and those elements are unlikely to ever become a part of Trinity. 
> That kind of focus is neither "bad" nor "good." We live in a large,
> varied world and there is plenty of room for all of these varying
> opinions and designs.  This is also part of the method why free/libre
> software will succeed in the long run: by encouraging choice and
> freedom of opinions.
> Continuing Trinity is not about "us" versus "them"; instead, we are
> simply exercising our freedom of choice by improving our software as
> we see fit. Nothing more, nothing less.
> Thank you so much for being patient the past several months.  I know
> it was difficult for many of you, but rest assured that work on TDE
> will pick up again, especially with your continuing support!
> Timothy Pearson
> Trinity Desktop Project


I would like to add my thanks to all those developers for their good 
work.  They are achieving things that I am not able or skilled enough 
to assist with.  My gratitude to them is well deserved.  
Thanks guys !

Best Regards: