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Month: April 2013

Re: [trinity-devel] Any patches or problems with the current state of

From: Richard Lamboj <lamboj@...>
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 11:49:37 +0200
Hello guys,

On Sunday 14 April 2013 18:37:37 Darrell Anderson wrote:
> >I would like to stop flow of patches to and proceeded to
> >release.
> >Currently I have on my list the last two bugs, that I would like
> >to see
> >fixed:
> >
> >1193: KMail / Kontact multiple GPG passphrase boxes
> >1444: Digikam and Kipi-plugins persistent image rotation is broken
> >
> >Please, do you have any additional patches or bugs that should be
> >resolved
> >before the release Bug 1444, I try to solve, but for now
> >I do not have a working patch.
> How about these?
> 1451 konqueror: Duplicating activity after drag and drop in same
> window
> 1245 KDM displays garbage

I had the same issue with a Quadro NVS 285 and the proprietary NVIDIA driver. 
On the background parts from recent opened images where displayed (you might 
think twice, which websites you want to open, before you lock your session).

> 1233 turn-off and restart not finished in TDE

Pushing the lock session button ends in a power off/log out (at the moment i 
can not test which one occours).

> 668 dual-head setup: kdm doesn't display the background image
> correctly

could be the same issue as bug #1245. If i remember correctly the bug reporter 
uses/used a NVS 285 or NVS 290.

Well, i have some NVS Quadro cards and could test whether the problem still 

> 1380 Kmail not recognizing SMTP protocol
> Darrell
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