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Month: May 2013

Re: [trinity-devel]

From: François Andriot <francois.andriot@...>
Date: Tue, 14 May 2013 22:24:03 +0200
Le 14/05/2013 20:40, Sl�vek Banko a �crit :
> On Tuesday 14 of May 2013 19:36:43 Fran�ois Andriot wrote:
>> Hello Slavek, are you ready now to release the final tarballs for 
>> ? The 4 bugs you listed are now fixed. The "less important" 
>> issues you mentioned are only build issue, so they won't change the 
>> tarballs anyway, only the debian/ubuntu specific stuff ... I'm using 
>> now and I can't see any bug that was annoying me in 
>> ... Francois 
> I'm trying to process your patches from bug 1499. If you want these patches
> defer to R14, I will not delay release due to these patches.

my first intention for the Mandriva patches was to eventually push them 
all to R14, not
That was because I had thought about new features, which IMO better suit 
a new major TDE version rather than an SRU release. Also, new features 
need some discussions and testing before going upstream.
But, there were also patches that provide bugfixes. These ones can apply 
to an SRU release.

I'm currently using + all these patches, and I have no problem 
(no crash, no obvious regression). But some of them need more polishing 
and more testing.

The patches that I'd prefer NOT see in, are:

(1233)  tdebase : fix "safely remove device" command (pardus)
I have no idea if this patch is good or not. I have no problem with or 
without it.

(1238) tdebase : add option to choose WM
Setting may not be at the best place in kcontrol. Not enough tested. 
Maybe too Mandriva specific (are .desktop files correct for other 
distros ?).
BUT the idea of this patch is interesting, I think it would be the first 
step to integrate KWIN4 into TDE's installation.

(1247) tdebase : add theme selector in kcontrol / kdm
Not enough tested. Not even sure JDM themes are really applied (I've 
only validated that kdmrc file is correctly updated).

(1250)  tdebase : add scheduled slide show support
Does not work currently. Not very useful anyway.

(1251) tdebase : add UTF8 support in KDM password dialog box 
I do not know the original problem (password typing issue ?)
Maybe it was already solved in another way (e.g in QT3 or kdelibs ?)
I think the login feature is too sensitive, we should avoid any 
regression risk !

Summary for other patches:
- HAL-related stuff works correctly, and are limited to SRU => won't 
pollute R14.
- Kpowersave related stuff work without updating kpowersave. Strangely, 
some inactive code is already present in TDE's kpowersave, but the 
tdebase counterpart was missing (attachement 1241). => can be pushed in SRU
- XDG directories stuff: are used to enhance the Kickoff menu. Could be 
associated to bug #1291. This could also lead to konqueror/dolphin 
- vibrate dialog / crossfading background: I will add kcontrol options 
to enable/disable these effects (to avoid unhappy end-users). So the 2 
patches will be slightly updated, but you can still try them now, to 
confirm the feature works or not.

>   In any
> case, I'll test your patch from the bug report 1506. In addition, I'll commit
> patch proposed in the mail

I'm still not really satisfied with this patch.
I consider it as a temporary workaround for SRU until a better solution 
is found in R14.
1) The displayconfig should check for gamma support at startup, then 
gray out gamma options in GUI if they are not usable, then avoid showing 
a warning popup everytime we save settings.
2) In the source code we can see that using the "xrandr" 
command in tdelibs is a temporary solution (there is an hardcoded 
#define then #ifdef ... ) so the xrandr related part will not bother me 

> For your patch 1252: update default favs from the bug report 1291, I would
> first like to discuss here.
About the default favs for Kickoff, I think we should first define a 
distribution independant set of packages, that would be used as the 
default Trinity installation for everyone.
Then we can choose the Kickoff favs among these programs.
BTW there is a possible issue with defining non-TDE programs in favs, 
like firefox: the "firefox.desktop" file name may differ between 
distributions. So we should avoid using any non-TDE programs in favs.

> At present, there I solve merge two patches to kdebase => due kdesktop_lock. I
> hope I test it and possibly commit soon. Besides, do I have to update
> Debian / Ubuntu metapackages.
> Slavek

OK, so I should take no more than few days to finish .

I'd really like to get it out soon.