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Month: February 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] konqueror sftp:// URL handling broken with openssh >= 5.6 (open a bug?)

From: Robert Xu <robxu9@...>
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2011 20:33:05 -0500
On Sat, Feb 26, 2011 at 20:26, David C. Rankin
<drankinatty@...> wrote:
> Tim, Robert, Serghei, All
>  There is an error in konqueror sftp URL handling that causes sftp from
> konqueror to fail. I first reported this back in October 2010 on the various
> lists reporting that the konqueror url syntax 'sftp://user@host:port/path' no
> longer works after an update to one of the associated packages (probably openssh
>>= 5.6). IIRC, I also forwarded it to Tim at the time. (~ 10/7/2010)
>  Back in October, sftp 'in konqueror' continued to work to boxes where ssh was
> on the standard port 22, but would fail if sftp had been moved to a high port.
> 'fish' continued to (and continues in Trinity to) work to both standard and
> non-standard ssh ports.
> Fast-forward to 'today' with Trinity svn.
>  (1) sftp in konqueror fails to work at all:
> the sftp target host in the screenshot above (dcrgx2) has ssh on the standard
> port 22. Now konqueror will not talk to any host - on standard or high port.


>  (2) fish continues to work just fine (both standard and high ports)
>  (standard)
> (high)
>  (3) sftp from the command line in Trinity (konsole) works fine to either high
> or standard ports:
>  So the problem is definitely with konqueror's handling of the sftp URLs and
> how it passes that information to openssh. This is a distribution generic
> problem with KDE3 after the change to openssh (I'm pretty sure). In older
> releases of distros (like SuSE 11.0 - sftp in konqueror continues to work normally)

Hm. Have you tried SuSE 11.4 with KDE3 (with the KDE:KDE3 repo?)
I think they might have a patch that fixes this.

>  The bottom line for Trinity going forward is that the normal konqueror sftp
> syntax of:
>  sftp://user@host:port/dir1/dir2
> is broken. This is confirmed as a konqueror problem because, in Trinity (and
> kde3 in general), the command line syntax:
>  sftp -Pport user@host:/dir1/dir2
> continues to work fine. So as does 'fish://'.
>  I have researched this issue for a couple of months and the best I can tell is
> the problem is in kdebase/kioslave/sftp. There were references to an old Gentoo
> bug that fixed ksshprocess.cpp line 101 to regarding and openssh 3.6 problem
> with "ssh-userauth2 successful:", but I know that doesn't have anything to do
> with the current problem. It may be the same file that needs fixing now, but
> different problem.
>  For Trinity, do we want to open up a bug report so this one can be tracked, or
> do we want to work it from the mailing list? Either way, the fix is probabl
> simple, but this is a biggie for sftp functionality.
> Thanks.

Let's keep it to the mailing list, and if it gets to be very major,
we'll move to bugzilla.

later, Robert Xu