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Month: February 2014

Re: [trinity-devel] UUGH! Desktop Icons open in DOLPHIN -- really?

From: "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty@...>
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2014 16:28:54 -0600
On 02/03/2014 02:03 PM, Alexandre wrote:
>> I don't know why we bother with d3lphin. Beta software.
>> Darrell
> Hi!
> The default behavior of TDE is to open the desktop icons with Dophin if Dolphin
> is installed. If Dolphin is not there, it will be open with Konqueror.
> Like Dolphin or not, the problem is in the way it is treated. In the TDE Control
> Center, there is a place where you can choose the default applications for
> things like email, web browser, ... This is where TDE should have an option to
> let the user choose the preferred file manager.
> When I work a lot on files, I usually use Midnight Commander, but when I simply
> want to choose pictures in a folder or just want to launch a document fast, I
> prefer Dolphin and its simplicity. Its side-panel with file previews and
> informations is well-made. But yet I have to agree that Dolphin appeared at the
> very end of KDE 3 life cycle, so it is still very basic, especially when
> compared with Dolphin on KDE 4.10. It is completely bug-free, but is is very basic.
> Dolphin is great and not in the way of the users for simple operations, but it
> is not the best file manager for working heavily with files.
> -Alexandre


  Do you know where in the code the priority is set? The if have dolphin, use
dolphin for desktop items, else use konqueror for desktop items? I would like to
patch that for archlinux builds. That way I could still provide dolphin, but
have the desktop items open in konqueror.

  As a test, I just removed dolphin from the system and the desktop item do open
in konqueror now. That is the way I want it by default. I've grepped tdelibs and
tdebase for dolphin, but turned up nothing but the dolphine machine hardware in
the admin dirs.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.