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Month: February 2014

Screen captures for i18n packages

From: "Darrell Anderson" <darrella@...>
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2014 15:24:45 -0600

As we continue to update the help handbooks, a significant 
challenge is updating not only the text but the screen captures. I 
would like to automate part of this process as much as possible.

The basic screen capture process:

* Save a new screen capture in English.
* Note the image size properties.
* Toggle to a different language.
* Verify the respective tde-i18n module is using that same image. 
(Not all i18n modules support everything.)
* Save a new screen capture in the respective language with the 
same image size properties.
* Repeat through all i18n languages.

I'm thinking we need a way to update all i18n po file references to 
the original source file and code lines, as well as update the po 
file English reference to what is now actually in the source code. 
We've made many changes the past few years and the po file English 
references are not current. Many code line references are incorrect.

We lack the project size needed to keep all of the i18n files 
updated, but at least we can update the English references and 
source code lines as well as the screen captures.

I am asking that you let this challenge fester for a while in your 
subconcious and hopefully a solution emerges. These are not R14.0.0 
priorities, but as Slavek mentioned previously, probably marked for 

As always, thank you. :)