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Month: February 2014

Warning: patch updates

From: "Darrell Anderson" <darrella@...>
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2014 17:01:00 -0600

For several days I have been working on several items with the help 
handbook system. I've been thorough and have been testing intensely 
with the hope of avoiding new bugs after the patches are pushed to 

Much of the work revolves around fixing tdeioslaves and protocol 
handbooks, but there are other patches such as fixing missing 
icons, fixing DocPath keys, updated handbooks, etc.

The patches include tde-i18n fixes to match as much as possible the 
changes made in the parent packages.

I ran a final full build set last night with all of the upcoming 
patches, including tde-i18n. There were no build failures and my 
usage tests today went as expected.

As the patch set includes the tdelibs module, which include entity 
changes, your best approach is to run a full build set. Any time we 
update the entities in tdelibs that means help handbooks using the 
previous entities will fail to build.

After many rounds of package rebuilding and usability testing I'm 
not expecting problems, but as always I'm only one person and don't 
conceive of or anticipate all use cases. Please report potentially 
related bugs to the list and I'll look into them. Please don't 
report bugs unless you performed a full package set rebuild because 
that will be my first reply. :)

I plan to soon start pushing those patches.

I plan to run another full build set tonight after I finish pushing 
all patches to ensure no new problems.