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Month: February 2014

Re: [trinity-devel] OnlyShowIn=TDE or NotShowIn=KDE?

From: "Darrell Anderson" <darrella@...>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 12:08:03 -0600
>  Do you want a bug open on this one, or just push it? I think it 
>is small
>enough just to push it. Get our fearless leader to comment, but 
>unless someone
>wants a bug opened, I'd just push it if all give the nod.

I will push changes for the few *.desktop files discussed.

As I mentioned, the core problem is not OnlyShowIn=TDE but the 
XDG_* environment variables. In the broader scheme, we have no 
remedy for getting other environments to source /opt/trinity in the 
XDG_* environment variables.

In distros that use /etc/profile.d, the solution is to ensure a 
script is installed (could be nothing more than the normal script). For the distros that don't use /etc/profile.d, 
such as Debian, I don't know how to ensure XDG_* variables are 
modified to recognize /opt/trinity.

As I mentioned, when KDE4 is concurrently installed with Trinity, 
the result will be a menu mess one way or another, unless we 
provide distro maintainers a more organized menu structure to 
handle the KDE4/Trinity overload.

Some might ask, why would users install Trinity and use a different 
environment? Many users prefer window managers rather than full 
desktops, but prefer a selection of apps from the full desktop 
environments. Many systems are multi-user, and the various users 
select what to run. In those instances, all options must be 

There is a growing restlessness in the KDE4 community for PIM apps 
that do not rely on the akonadi/nepomuk foundation. Trinity PIM 
apps could fill that role, but without modifying the XDG_* 
environment variables, the apps won't be found in non-Trinity