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Month: February 2014

Re: [trinity-devel] tdepim - no kmail icon in 'Internet' menu + config dialog way too small (clipping example captured!)

From: "Darrell Anderson" <darrella@...>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 22:16:40 -0600
>  kmenu/office/personal information management/
>  The menu was almost impossible to spot due to it being non-
>standard all lower
>case. It looks like this was just a temporary placeholder that got 
>about. Is this an intended change? If so, I suggest a patch to put 
>an 'e-mail'
>entry back under 'internet' where people usually look for 
>'internet' apps and

I have no idea how you get all lower case. On my system the menu is 
proper mixed case:

Personal Information Management

>perhaps shortening the sub-menu folder name from
>  personal information management
>to simply
>  PIM
>  Trinity - PIM

Acronyms in a menu? How does 'PIM' translate in Swahili? Not going 
to happen.

>  Burring kmail, kaddressbook, kontact, kalarm, and kgqg under
>kmenu/office/personal information management/ just seems like a 
>recipe for complaint:

You are the first and only person to complain since we made the 
changes many, many months ago.


According to that image, I don't see any all lower case instances 
of anything. All proper mixed case.

>  If we are dead-set on having a "personal information management" 
>menu, then at
>least make it consistent in standard "title" case and move it to a 
>menu as:
>Personal Information Management

That is how the menu already appears on my system and in your 
screenshot. Something is wrong at your end.

>  And at least add kmail and kontact entries back to the Internet 
>menu. Further
>regarding the 'Internet' menu -- all submenus have disappeared. 
>Looking.. All
>submenus in tmenu or kmenu are gone except for one 'Super User' 
>submenu under
>System and the normal 'Games', 'Development' and 'Edutainment' 
>submenus. I like
>the menu cleanup, but we need to put internet apps back under 

That all said, I am uncomfortable with the Personal Information 
Management sub menu. Our original goal was to reduce clutter. Try 
using the original menu in 3.5.13.x with KDE4 concurrently 
installed. Impossible to navigate with all the duplication and the 
menu size exceeds the desktop height. Even now, on a 1200x800 
laptop screen, with a full Trinity installation, the menu is long 
and nearly pushes the edge of the top of the screen. Without the 
KDE submenus, the problem would be exactly the same.

Pulling the apps from the Personal Information Management submenu 
into parent menus will make the menus longer.

Try using Xfce with Trinity and KDE4 installed. There are no 
submenus. Horrible.

Office seems more natural to me than Internet to find KMail. Lots 
of people use mail clients in local office networks. I suspect most 
office users do not consider mail an internet app but an office 
app. Likewise for other PIM apps. The internet is only an extension 
of those office related apps.

I'll tinker to see what we can do.