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Month: February 2014

Status of tde-construct? Anyone tried it?

From: "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty@...>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014 16:10:14 -0600

  Picking through the remaining files to build, I ran across tde-construct that
apparently is an autobuild meta-package for TDE that advertises the ability to
automatically download the TDE sources and build TDE for you as easy as:

"cd meta/kde;make install"

  By default "Konstruct" installs to ~/trinity.5.7/ which means you don't have
to possess root privileges or risk to damage your system or affect another KDE.

  Man, if this thing works -- we've been doing it the hard-way all along ;-) But
seriously, has anyone tested any of it? It seems to contain all of the base
install and many of the applications.

  I suspect none of the links point to correct sources and it would take a bit
of CPR to get something to actually build, but the idea is good. Anybody ever
built/tested it?

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.