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Month: February 2014

Re: [trinity-devel] kmymoney FTBFS - fatal error: qsqldriverplugin.h: No such file

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 21:53:57 +0100
On Tuesday 18 of February 2014 19:51:46 Darrell Anderson wrote:
> Does anybody actually use kmymoney? Somebody with knowledge who can
> attest whether these additional build options hamper or cripple
> usage? Is a database backend critical for usage or does the app use
> an alternate method for storing data?
> I have no idea because I don't use the app.
> Is the emperor wearing clothes?
> Darrell

I am using KMyMoney. Built with:

and nothing I miss during use.