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Month: February 2014

Re: [trinity-devel] R: [trinity-devel] KXMLedit is MISSING from TDE - Slavek can you convert/add?

From: "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty@...>
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2014 11:58:10 -0600
On 02/22/2014 08:55 AM, Sl�vek Banko wrote:
> On Saturday 22 of February 2014 15:39:04 Michele Calgaro wrote:
>> Added to bugszilla bug 1955
>>   Michele
> Great, thank you.
> Slavek

Slavek - I think I am almost done with the conversion. After spending 5 hours on
it, I can say with authority, by far, the the most costly miscalculation the TDE
project made was to take a *meat-cleaver* k->tde renaming approach, that has
resulted in wholesale renaming of k->tde and K->TDE to some classes,, headers
and functions and NOT others, instead of taking a surgical minimal renaming
approach to insure only conflicting executables, libraries and docbook language
were renamed.

You get into the code to migrate an application and there is NO rhyme or reason
to why some of the classes and headers are Kfoo or kfoo.h and why some have been
renamed TDEfoo or tdefoo.h. They are intermixed like scrambled eggs :(

I am on build 23 of kxmleditor after having:

# convert_existing_qt3_app_to_tqt3
# copy tde/common/admin
# sed -i 's/klocale.h/tdelocale.h/' *
# sed -i 's/klocale.h/tdelocale.h/' part/*.{cpp,h}
# sed -i 's/kmessagebox.h/tdemessagebox.h/' *
# sed -i 's/kmessagebox.h/tdemessagebox.h/' part/*.cpp
# sed -i 's/kapplication.h/tdeapplication.h/' kxmleditor/kxmleditor/main.cpp
# sed -i 's/kfiledialog.h/tdefiledialog.h/' kxmleditor/part/kxmleditorpart.cpp
# sed -i 's/kpopupmenu.h/tdepopupmenu.h/' kxmleditor/part/kxe_treeview.cpp
# sed -i 's/kpopupmenu.h/tdepopupmenu.h/' kxmleditor/part/kxmleditorpart.cpp
# sed -i 's/kglobal.h/tdeglobal.h/' kxmleditor/part/kxeconfiguration.cpp
# sed -i 's/KGlobal/TDEGlobal/' kxmleditor/part/kxe_treeview.cpp
# sed -i 's/KGlobal/TDEGlobal/' kxmleditor/part/kxeconfiguration.{h,cpp}
# sed -i 's/KConfig/TDEConfig/' kxmleditor/part/*.{cpp,h}
# sed -i 's/KConfig/TDEConfig/' kxmleditor/kxmleditor/kxmleditorshell.{cpp,h}
# sed -i 's/KIcon/TDEIcon/g' kxmleditor/part/kxeconfiguration.cpp
# sed -i 's/kconfig.h/tdeconfig.h/' kxmleditor/part/*.cpp
# sed -i 's/kfontcombo.h/tdefontcombo.h/' kxmleditor/part/*.{cpp,ui}
# sed -i 's/KFontCombo/TDEFontCombo/'
# sed -i 's/klistview.h/tdelistview.h/' kxmleditor/part/kxe_treeviewitem.cpp
# sed -i 's/klistview.h/tdelistview.h/' kxmleditor/part/kxe_treeview.h
# sed -i 's/KListView/TDEListView/' kxmleditor/part/kxe_treeview.{cpp,h}
# sed -i 's/KListView/TDEListView/' kxmleditor/part/kxe_treeviewitem.{cpp,h}
# sed -i 's/kglobalsettings.h/tdeglobalsettings.h/' kxmleditor/part/kxe_treeview.cpp
# sed -i 's/kaction.h/tdeaction.h/' kxmleditor/part/actions.h
# sed -i 's/kaction.h/tdeaction.h/' kxmleditor/part/kxmleditorpart.cpp
# sed -i 's/kaction.h/tdeaction.h/' kxmleditor/part/kxedocument.cpp
# sed -i 's/ktoolbar.h/tdetoolbar.h/' kxmleditor/part/actions.cpp
# sed -i 's/ktoolbar.h/tdetoolbar.h/' kxmleditor/part/kxmleditorpart.cpp
# sed -i 's/KAction/TDEAction/' kxmleditor/kxmleditor/kxmleditorshell.{h,cpp}
# sed -i 's/KToolBar/TDEToolBar/' kxmleditor/kxmleditor/kxmleditorshell.{h,cpp}
# sed -i 's/KAction/TDEAction/' kxmleditor/part/kxmleditorpart.{h,cpp}
# sed -i 's/KToolBar/TDEToolBar/' kxmleditor/part/kxmleditorpart.{h,cpp}
# sed -i 's/KAction/TDEAction/' kxmleditor/part/actions.cpp
# sed -i 's/KToolBar/TDEToolBar/' kxmleditor/part/actions.cpp
# sed -i 's/ktempfile.h/tdetempfile.h/g' kxmleditor/part/kxmleditorpart.cpp
# sed -i 's/ktempfile.h/tdetempfile.h/g' kxmleditor/part/kxedocument.cpp
# sed -i 's/KInstance/TDEInstance/' kxmleditor/part/kxmleditorfactory.{cpp,h}
# sed -i 's/KPopupMenu/TDEPopupMenu/' kxmleditor/kxmleditor/kxmleditorshell.{cpp,h}
# sed -i 's/KPopupMenu/TDEPopupMenu/g' kxmleditor/part/kxmleditorpart.cpp
# sed -i 's/kaboutdata.h/tdeaboutdata.h/' kxmleditor/kxmleditor/main.cpp
# sed -i 's/kaboutdata.h/tdeaboutdata.h/' kxmleditor/part/kxmleditorabout.h
# sed -i 's/KAboutData/TDEAboutData/g' kxmleditor/part/kxmleditorabout.h
# sed -i 's/kfile.h/tdefile.h/' kxmleditor/part/kxedocument.cpp

  I am still not done, but I'm getting close because it builds for several
minutes (about the time you would expect for an app this size) before crashing.
The point being it has taken some 5 hours of effort in the build, fail, what
failed, grep it, check /opt/trinity/include or /opt/tqt3/include to see if we
really are k or t, edit/sed, recreate tarball, rsync to build host, (repeat). If
there are ~130 modules in TDE many much, much larger than kxmleditor, that is
literally THOUSANDS of man hours put toward a ham-fisted renaming, when
something much smaller (or docbook only) may have been the smarter way to go...

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.