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Month: February 2014

Re: [trinity-devel] Is is time for R14.0.0-alpha (which is intended as "before RC1")?

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2014 15:15:11 +0100
Dne po 24. �nora 2014 Michele Calgaro napsal(a):
> Slavek, Darrell,
> all three of us are saying the same thing: let's focus on the tasks
> needed to release R14.0.0
> Highlighting both of your comments:
> >> I suggest at this point to completely stop the debate on new
> >> applications and pursue exclusively the tasks necessary for R14.0.0.
> >
> > At one time we were at feature freeze but that got lost soon
> > thereafter. Perhaps we should again declare a feature freeze: all of
> > us should focus on R14.0.0 and nothing else. If we again declare
> > feature freeze then that becomes R14-alpha.
> That's exactly why I suggested tagging R14.0.0-alpha: to establish a
> point which is going to be the base of R14.0.0. It is basically saying:
> "let's declare R14 feature-freeze, no more fancy stuff, no more new
> apps, no more enhancement will go in R14.0.0." But we make this "stick
> in the code", not just in words. We focus on R14.0.0-alpha branch and
> try to get to R14.0.0 release in a timely manner.
> Without a fixed base to work on, every new commit there is the
> possibility to add new bugs and new problems, which would cause even
> more delay to R14 :-( If you want an example: last year in Jul, soft
> and hard freeze were declared for R14. Then came some renames, then
> some fixes, then more renames, some enhancement and so on.... We need
> to avoid the same mistakes.
>   Michele

Yes, I know that after announced freeze was commits with big changes and 
renaming. However, it was us who wanted to push it as part R14.0.0. We 
thought that at the time was right. Just as we now consider it right to 
refrain from any such major changes. And because at this time we are all 
working to finalize R14.0.0, it should be no one who would carry out 
aggressive hacking.

I think it would be sufficient if we will soon announce the renewal of the 
state of soft-freeze. 28. February seems good date.

Note: For final R14.0.0 we should solve NetworkManager8 support, which 
could represent a piece of code that should be pushed, even if the