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On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 12:02 AM, Tiago Marques <tiagomnm@...> wrote:
> Not very fast (20KiB/s) but currently installing. Thanks!

A lot of top posts from several people. Probably just the haste of
trying to input in the renaming thread (mistakes like that happen a
lot), so just a friendly reminder to bottom post.

Not that I have a problem bottom posting but top posting is mostly for convenience, when I'm not replying to specific issues, paragraph by paragraph, I obviously bottom post. Must say I have never found myself in a ML with such "hate" for top posting, is it really that confusing?

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The quickbuild server has always been a bit slow. Tim mentioned why
awhile ago (I think on IRC?), I think he might have said it was a
personal connection? If my memory is correct, that's a lot of stress
for a standard home connection with the other mirrors sync'ing and
people at the home or office downloading.

Took me over an hour to install TDE onto Squeeze, but of course I did
a pretty minimal install (just the base system plus the laptop stuff,
nothing else), so needing to grab X.org added a bit. Plus it grabbed
Nepomuk (or whatever the file indexer in KDE4 is called), but I didn't
specify any KDE4 packages, just the two(?) TDE packages mentioned on
the TDE site, which pulled in the other deps on it's own. Either a bad
dependency was added to the TDE packages, or we need to ask the Debian
people to remove it from the X.org deps.

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