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Month: November 2014

Re: [trinity-devel] Divided libtool × libtool-bin

From: Michele Calgaro <michele.calgaro@...>
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2014 14:51:17 +0900
>>> I ran in the exact same problem during last night partial rebuild
>>> (everything without the "applications" part).
>>> Most of packages build anyway, so we can say that even though RC1 does
>>> not support Jessie 100%, we are probably not far
>>> away from there. Today I will run the remaining part, so by tomorrow I
>>> should be able to say exactly how many packages
>>> FTBFS due to the missing libtool (at the moment I found pytdeextensions,
>>> haven't rebuilt bibletime yet).
>>> IMO, if we end up with only two packages being the problem, we could
>>> also consider to fix them for RC1, provided that
>>> this does not trigger a "cascade rebuild" of several other packages on
>>> the build farm.
>>> Cheers
>>>     Michele
>> By the way, I forgot to say that Jessie will be frozen on Nov. 5, so after
>> that it should be much more stable.
>> Cheers
>>     Michele
> Good!  I appreciate the info.
> Regarding rebuilds, if it's only a few packages affected we might be able
> to squeeze them into RC1.  Bear in mind however that the build system will
> be going down for a long-overdue maintenance overhaul shortly, so the
> short-term focus should probably be on releasing and testing RC1 instead
> of making it work 100% on Jessie.
> Tim

For info, I completed a full rebuild on Jessie. The packages FTBFS are:
- pytdeextensions, kvirc, due to libtool
- digikam, koffice, due to liblcms1-dev (bug 2152)
- tde-guidance, caused by the missing pytdeextensions
- bibletime, tdeio-sword: failed at "configure" time when compiling. May be caused by libtool but haven't checked in detail
- knetworkmanger8, a long time FTBFS package.

Not strictly necessary to fix them for RC1, but it wouldn't hurt if we can do that