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Month: November 2014

Re: [trinity-devel] TDE R14 RC2 press release -- Help Needed!

From: Michele Calgaro <michele.calgaro@...>
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2014 20:55:46 +0900
On 2014/11/30 06:16 PM, Timothy Pearson wrote:
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>> On 2014/11/30 09:35 AM, Timothy Pearson wrote:
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>>>>> All,
>>>>> With TDE R14.0.0 RC2 just around the corner I need some assistance
>>>>> with
>>>>> the press release:
>>>>> Making sure the list of news outlets is up to date (and providing
>>>>> Email
>>>>> addresses) would also be helpful.  I am not one who typically consumes
>>>>> open source news so I'm not sure what the best outlets to submit this
>>>>> to
>>>>> would be.  I would recommend staying away from Phoronix though as they
>>>>> have a strong pro- Wayland/tablet/phone and anti- traditional desktop
>>>>> computing viewpoint.
>>>>> Historically I seem to end up tied up with release-related tasks and
>>>>> have
>>>>> not been able to get a proper news release out on time (or even at
>>>>> all),
>>>>> so any help with this is much appreciated!
>>>>> Thanks!
>>>>> Tim
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>>>> Hi,
>>>> Please note that the following is only my opinion, and view as an user
>>>> and
>>>> not a dev:
>>>> What this document is doing is more like a chip datasheet than
>>>> something
>>>> to attract new users.
>>>> By seeing it with the viewpoint of the user, you should:
>>>> 1. Very very important: Include screenshots: You would never sell a car
>>>> with a picture of it...
>>>> 2. Quite important: What do day-to-day users should expect to be new
>>>> from
>>>>, or for new users who didn't know about TDE, what is to expect
>>>> from it in relation to KDE 3.5.10? Do their day-to-day software got
>>>> improved, bugs are fixed and better running?
>>>> 3. Datasheet-like info as it is now.
>>>> Thank you! What do you think!
>>>> -Alexandre
>>> I pretty much agree.  I did not write the original on that site.  What I
>>> have written in the past are pages like this (screenshots included):
>>> I am asking for assistance writing a replacement as it needs to be done
>>> but I simply don't have the time (or apparently the perspective) to do
>>> it
>>> properly. :-)
>>> Thanks!
>>> Tim
>> Hi Tim,
>> I will try to help during the week as well. I think the best way would
>> be to have a page on the TDE site or wiki (maybe not public for the time
>> being) where users can see and edit contents.
>> What do you think?
>> Cheers
>>     Michele
> I don't know enough about MediaWiki to say whether we can have a private
> page; in any case it might be a good idea to start building the press
> release on the Wiki so that we can drop in images, etc. as needed.
> Feel free to create a page for this.  I will likely be releasing RC2 on
> Dec. 1 (or Dec. 2 at the latest) so that we can stay on track for a
> mid-December final release.
> Tim

Ok, I will probably start tomorrow (Dec 1) and progress as the week goes