> >
> Good point, the current colors are really old style IMO. The proposed colors looks better, although I would make the
> writing a little more visible. Another possibility would be to use a slightly pale background instead of white.
> Could you try a few variations and sned them in?
Yes. From the proposed ones, the ones I prefer are either white or window background gray.

One thing: The horizontal lines and the text has only 1 common color setting. Also, maybe reverse color (as we see often for the percent text on a progress bar) could be good for the text, or having the scale text at the left of the graph, instead of in the graph.

Talking about the scales, I think that for the ram and swap graphs, the size could be written in GB, not in MB, since modern computers have much more ram than in the past. Also, when scales doesn't fit mathematically on a perfect number (as 1/3 = 0,333333333), I think that displaying 2 numbers after the point is enough (as 0,33).

> In general though, I think a rework of the current Ksysguard graph is what is really needed. The ones from KDE4 and
> Gnome looks much better.
They look better, and they update the graph faster than 1 time/second, so it appear to move much more smoothly. Also, with the speed of modern computer, maybe some info is missed because of the slow update.
> By the way, your desktop background looks quite nice. Is it possible for you to share it as well?
Of course, here it is:

> Cheers
> Michele

I also post a picture of the Win 8.1 task manager. While Win is not always the best OS, I think that Win 8.1 task manager is very well crafted, and could be inspired from if one day TDE's task manager is to be redesigned. It shows easily all the info I want to see in a task manager, separated by sections for ram, cpu, hdd and network, while still showing a little graph of each one, to see easily what happens with your system.

Thank you!