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Month: May 2015

Re: [trinity-devel] tdelibs on FreeBSD create unusable libraries

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Mon, 4 May 2015 22:26:27 +0200
On Monday 04 of May 2015 08:50:04 Dr. Nikolaus Klepp wrote:
> Hi all!
> I ran into a problem at building TDE for FreeBSD last weekend:
> - When I compile "tdelibs" with "-DHAVE_PIE_SUPPORT=OFF", then "tquic"
> segfaults when building "tdebase", i.e. dlopen() of any library built
> without PIE fails. - When I compile "tdelibs" without
> "-DHAVE_PIE_SUPPORT=OFF", then the build of "tdelibs" fails at certain
> points with "/usr/local/bin/ld: /usr/lib/crt1.o: relocation R_X86_64_32
> against `_DYNAMIC' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile
> with -fPIC" - When I add "-shared" to the compiler switches for cmake, the
> build fails.
> I assume that HAVE_PIE_SUPPORT is a must, otherwise the built libraries do
> not work. Compilig fails the first time on "kgrantpty" with these messages:

It is at all not expected to be entered -DHAVE_PIE_SUPPORT as a build option. 
The value is usually set automatically by the compiler flags availability. 
See check_cxx_compiler_flag( -fPIE HAVE_PIE_SUPPORT ) in 

For now I have not looking the causes of the problems - I need to find time to 
analyze and solve bug 2437.