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Month: August 2017

Re: kgpg and key dates

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2017 07:44:46 +0200
deloptes wrote:

> Can you confirm this?
> I created a Bug 2791

I added a patch to bug 2791. I also had a look into all related bugs and had
a discussion with Kristopher.

We could close some of them as they are user setup related:

630     tdepim   NEW    ---     KMail issue with gpg keys       2016-05-20
        - when key is not signed and trusted kmail/kgpg rejects to accept it

1090    tdepim   NEW    ---     KGPG showing two default keyservers     2013-02-25
        - this is OK and can be improved, but is really minor

1183    tdeutils NEW    ---     KGPG not recognizing gpg-agent process  2013-02-25

2518    tdeutils NEW    ---     KGPG not displaying keys when signing files 
        - CAN CLOSE with 2791

2672    tdepim   NEW    ---     [Enhancement Request] KMail: Do signing and
decrypting through KGPG         00:32:57
        - not sure if it is not easier to port pinentry-qt to TDE rather
integrating it into Kgpg

2791    tdeutils NEW    ---     kgpg and key dates      07:21:50 
        - CAN CLOSE 
        - patch provided, please test

you would have 1090 and 2672 left