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Month: December 2017

Re: [trinity-devel] Re: Devuan ASCII & TDE ... call for devs :-)

From: "Dr. Nikolaus Klepp" <office@...>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2017 12:30:21 +0100
Hi deloptes!

Am Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017 schrieb deloptes:
> Dr. Nikolaus Klepp wrote:
> > I cloned "tde-packaging", switched to r14.0.x. Then I cloned "tqt3", "cd
> > tqt3", "cp ../tde-packaging/debian/squeeze/dependencies/tqt3/debian .".
> > Now "debuild -b -uc -us" builds the packages without errors.
> > 
> > Is this the intend way to build debian packages or is there a beter way?
> yes this is the way I use also.
> I asked for automated build scripts and Michele mentioned something about
> making such public, but I don't know what happened.
> I wrote one big Makefile that I used to build the packages with their
> dependencies, but its rather fast and dirty solution - so I prefer not to
> show it :)
> However you are on the right path if you stick to the base version - i.e.
> you rebuild packages that are same branch that you are on. Example
> 14.0.5/14.0.5.
> You'll probably have issues if you build 14.1.0 and run them on base 14.0.5
> and you'll need to rebuild dependencies too.
> I was intending to setup repo for 14.1 (DEVELOPMENT), but did not find time
> so far to read the howto. However it might be that after I migrate my build
> machine I could also find some time to do this around or after Christmas.
> I've been using this for almost an year now without problems.
> regards

Ok, I see. Well, I would like to stay with 14.0.5 till 14.1 is official. I tried to figure out a way how I can integrate the TDE sources in the devuan build infrastructue. This is how far I have come with the official available parts (example just for the tqt3):

"apt-get source libtqt3-headers" downloads "tqt-x11-free-14.0.5~pre5", which will result in packages named e.g. "libtqt3-mt_14.0.5~pre5-0debian9.0.0+1_amd64.deb". The package name that is in the repository is "libtqt3-mt_4%3a14.0.5~pre5-0debian9.0.0+1_amd64.deb" - so not that far off what the source package creates.
The "same" sources obtained via git "git clone --recursive; cd tqt3; git checkout r14.0.x" and then copied over the "debian"-folder from tde-packaging creates packages named "libtqt3-mt_3.3.8-d-0ubuntu0_amd64.deb" - which I did not expect to happen. 
That leads to the conclusion, that both ways will end in a usable way of integrating the sources into devuan infrastructure.

Let's dig deeper :-)

"tqt-x11-free-14.0.5~pre5/debian/changelog" implies, that there should be a perfectly fine git repository for integration in devuan:

tqt-x11-free (4:14.0.5~pre5-0debian9.0.0+1) stretch; urgency=low

  * Automated git build for a944a8634fc7472ffd40e22cd5848a9b027c7b36

 -- Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>  Sun, 30 Jul 2017 10:54:45 +0200

This git repository (wherever it may be) is most likely the perfect starting poinz for what I need. The procedure lined out by KatolaZ here ( ) does not sound that much demanding, when there is an upstream git repository that receives all the patches. The only work to be done right now is "copy the sources" (which is quite straightforward) and "get the naming right to devuan instead of debian" (dhich is handled by the d1h helper program). 

So ... this is exactly what I'd like to do: get TDE into devuan ASCII. Now I'm asking Slavek the repository to make that happen :-)


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