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Month: March 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Mascot and logo, Proposal 1

From: jamesg@...
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 10:08:41 -0700
David C. Rankin wrote:
>I also tossed out the idea of a Phoenix as a logo/mascot "A phoenix dies
a fiery death but then rises again from the ashes." A good KDE3-Trinity
analogy. (plus a pretty cool looking logo)<

Questions: Does the Phoenix represent what we will be in 5+ years?  Do we
want to be known for rising up from ashes; do we want to be known for what
we aspire to?  Is the Phoenix overused?  Is there something similar to a
phoenix that might accurately represent what we aspire to?

Questions for the Potato Head concept: does the abstract concept of
something fun (possibly even silly) and highly configurable fail to
represent what we will be in 5+ years?  Does it fail to clearly describe
what we might aspire to?  Is there something that might be similar to this
with more possibilities that I've not thought of?

Questions for this guy:
Does it look too alien? Is it uninteresting when it stands at attention
like this? Does ambiguity about whether it's a robot or something else
make it less memorable?  Is there a better way to implement the Mr Potato
Head concept?

I'm pushing for the mascot before a logo because I believe it to be the
less challenging problem to.  I definitely am not seeking any sort of
commitment at this stage, lest we get locked into a suboptimal choice.

I presented L315 as something to throw tomatoes at. 8)  Tell me what's
wrong, boring, irritating, or whatever with it.  I need to know so I can
present a better idea.  It might even inspire someone else to iteratively
piece together a better solution.  Admittedly as this is a marketing
problem rather than an engineering one, what's good and bad can run the
risk of being too subjective...

Discussion from IRC indicates the possibility of exploring the idea of a
robot that already has all the features the user might be wanting.  It may
take a few days for me to come up with something for that.  Obviously an
open brainstorm for possible directions might also help with results.

Our mascot might not convey everything I'm hoping for in the end, but it
would be good for it to have a hopefully inspiring meaning behind it.

If we come up with something that would look good playing tennis with Tux,
that's obviously a bonus... 8)

James Gholston (Strangelv)