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Month: March 2011

Trademarks and Needed Artwork

From: jamesg@...
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 11:26:48 -0700
Darrell Anderson wrote:
>Regarding that drawing you refer, I would vote no.<

It's actually not a yes or no question, but then you're objecting to the
entire idea in the first place...

>Hold up in court? I can't imagine anybody from the KDE non-profit
organization taking that issue to court.<

If it came to fistcuffs, trademark law would force their hand, lest anyone
be able to use it for anything (and Firefox has already created the
precedent, thus the existence of IceCat, IceWeasel, et c.) -- but there
are other reasons we probably should have more distinct branding.  As more
people run into KDE 4+, do we really want branding confusable for theirs? 
So they see our logo and assume we're just like KDE 4 or 5 and use Gnome
instead?  (That would make Miguel de Icaza's day -- he vehemently wants
everything KDE related (this especially includes us) to cease to exist
last I heard -- my interest in trying out Mono evaporated when I read that

If nothing else, would it not be prudent to have something to use should
things change and any reasons for not changing it evaporate?

>If you are handy with art work (I am not! :)), how about working on some
login splash screens for Trinity? Or some wallpaper?<

The hard part I've been having is FINDING the locations of the artwork I
consider most urgent to update (the KDE dragon artwork when one looks at
Help->About Trinity in Konqueror, for a glaring example).  Failing
miserably at this, I've since decided to go with the other angle and
simply find what I can that needs to be updated.  Most of what I have so
far are screenshots that need replacing.

If you can find the locations of things needing to be replaced (K-gear
logos, cute dragon mascots, et c.) PLEASE add them to:

Many thanks in advance! 8)