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Month: March 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Trademarks and Needed Artwork

From: Calvin Morrison <mutantturkey@...>
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 16:45:49 -0400
Also I can work some magic in gimp and make some abstract color backgrounds and such

Calvin Morrison 

Kristopher Gamrat <pikidalto@...> wrote:

>I personally have no opinion either way. I will add in a few comments though:
>If it is a legal issue, we should change the artwork and branding. I'm
>not too familiar with the Creative Commons licenses, but if they
>prevent us from reusing the artwork and KDE e.V. decides to kick us,
>we'll need to replace it regardless, so it would be wise to have stuff
>ready regardless.
>When most people think of rebranding, they think of both the names of
>the apps and the artwork, or at least most of the people I know
>(myself included). If it is just the artwork, we should say "artwork
>rebranding" instead of just "rebranding".
>For the artwork, I can go around with my camera and take pics of some
>of the scenary in my area. While I don't particularly like the scenary
>here, a lot of people do. I personally don't care for a bunch of tall,
>lighted buildings in a blur of smog, but apparently that is popular
>(I've heard so many people say, "Ooh, that is so pretty!" when driving
>into town at night). Buildings aren't the only pics I can get. While
>it's too late to get a snow covered landscape (spring finally arrived
>after weeks of unpredictable weather), I can get some spring and
>summer stuff, and maybe autumn if we're still working on the artwork.
>I'm no good with photo editing and imposing pics and logos on top of
>other images, so someone else would have to do it, but I can still
>send some stuff in.
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