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Month: April 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Which is the preferred way to select Qt version?

From: Baho Utot <baho-utot@...>
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2011 10:43:41 -0400
On 04/03/2011 09:56 AM, Calvin Morrison wrote:
> Baho,
> While you have a excellent build script, we cannot forget the
> PKGBUILDs are universal, and that we should be able to build them
> easily without the build scripts :)

Well yes in principal....
When 3.5.13 is released then you will be able to build the intented way.
But for svn and the out of source building method I don't beleve you can 
have a universal PKGBUILD as you need a place for the svn tree.

If you look at my kdebase subdirectory you will see that I have a 
PKGBUILD.src which packages up the svn tree for kdebase then the 
PKGBUILD can be as it should.
I abandoned that way because I would first need to create source tar 
balls then fixup the PKGBUILDS to use them, then build.  It couldn't be 
automated easily.
If one employs Davids (not that there is anything wrong with it) method 
then you hit the svn server every time you build a module, I didn't want 
to cause excessive traffic to the svn server so I came up with my 
present methods.  I hit the svn server once daily and then build the 
entire tree.

The system gives you a way to build the svn tree daily/hourly or 
whatever. Mine is based on a cron entry.

  When we get a stable release that is complete like trinity-3.5.12 then 
I am going to use those tar balls.
I really didn't have a choice because of the autotool problem, I can 
only use the cmake system because arch is so cutting/bleeding edge.
The svn tree will give you a useable trinity desktop ( I am using it now 
) ..... just not one without the bells and whisels.