OK, sorry to resurrect an old thread here, but now I am seeing the exact
same problems on my VirtualBox test machines.  What I want to know, before
purchasing additional physical development hardware, is this:
Umm purchasing hardware its more expensive but better for handle right results i think!
*** Was anyone able to get the crash to occur *outside* of VirtualBox? ***
nobody nothing...! only in virtualbox, see the thread and u will find only inside vbox builds ocurs..
I ask because I'm seeing this on both Qt3 AND Qt4, in kdesktop, on two
completely different virtual machines, each running on top of a different
physical machine.  It is in kdesktop, Valgrind is throwing errors on
squeaky clean code, and basically nothing makes sense. :-/
This issue its solved, see thread, its glibc, old versions dont launch same errors, I have researched
a bit
and it turns out that the lasted related error version is different, some code included as featured its the reason.

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