thanks, lest revise win-SUSE patches.. in the qt3 3.3.8c that i tarred i dont include libpng 14 patch! yet!

> Make sure you do it off of qt 3.3.8b + the existing patch. Also, the
> qt3 tarball has symlinks, you'll need to manually remove those from
> the diff.
> In addition, make sure you give us a diff, not just the tarball.

i think u mean merge all patches iin a clean 3.3.8b.. i just study all qt3 trinity builds and sources on proyects like Arch linux and the patches in the trinity patches repo, and i take special care do not merge duplicate entryes, dont worry..

there around 156 patches between debian fixeds, arch fixeds, trinity fixeds+3.3.8c and some small others from win.buntu

dont worry, be happy now i testing the build , if i dont have errors build lets try tqt trinity desktop preinstaled but with new qt3 install

all the changes are well documented.. i will send that in a few dias maybe tomorrow!

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